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Let’s face it, we all have busy lives and it seems that life is always getting in the way of our goals. For those who cannot attend our training on a regular basis but still want to have access to superior coaching and guidance, we offer the accountability coaching program. This program has helped many of our clients drastically transform their lifestyle and bodies without the commitment of meeting one on one.

Every month we will meet regularly to explain your customized fitness program based on your individual goals and needs.  You will also be given a new nutrition & supplementation program with unlimited email support.

The Accountability Coaching program is best suited for high performer individuals or clients with a good foundation in fitness training. You must be very motivated to get the most out of your training as you won’t have a fitness coach in the gym pushing you every session. You will need to be focused, dedicated and disciplined to achieve the results you desire.

Nutrition & Supplementation Guidance

We ask every new client to keep a detailed food diary during this program. This way we can monitor your dietary habits and make positive changes to your eating habits. Keep in mind we do integrate your nutritional program within your existing lifestyle as our main concern is to putting you on the right track to create enduring healthy eating habits.

Based on your Biosginature Modulation Assessment, we will recommend supplementation protocols to enhance your results and quickly improve your health. 


Exercise Program

The exercise programs will consist of resistance training, cardio and active rest sessions.   The workouts in the program will specify how much weight you should be lifting, how long you should rest and how many repetitions you should perform based on your fitness goals. This way we can accurately monitor your progress and make any necessary changes if needed.

The Arzadon Fitness Accountability Coaching Experience:

  • Customized exercise program
  • 1 Personal training session
  • Food journaling and one-on-one analysis
  • Snack and meal ideas with recipe recommendations
  • Regular assessments to track your progress and set new goals
  • Goal setting and strategic vision planning
  • Weekly 15 minute check in-calls with unlimited e-mail support